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Societies' Invitation

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It is my great pleasure to announce that the IFCC-EFLM EuroMedLab 2015 will be held in Paris, France, June 21th – June 25th and to invite you to participate to this very interesting conference. Whether you work in a hospital, a university, in private practice or in the diagnostics industry EuroMedLab in Paris will be the place to come.
The chance to combine leading world experts with the unique art treasures of Paris represents a valuable opportunity to promote Art and Science meeting and to allow people coming from all over the world to gather and exchange ideas. This will be a special conference held in the excellent Palais des Congrès in the wonderful city of Paris.

EuroMedLab 2015 will cover all the scientific, doctrinal and technological aspects of Laboratory Medicine. We are expecting thousands of participants from all over the world and a great contribution from exhibitors. A well-calibrated programme of oral and poster presentations, and dedicated workshops, will guarantee an efficient exchange of ideas and allow productive discussions.
The organisation of the congress is already completed. I am certain the organising did an outstanding job in delivering a programme of high quality and interest containing innovative ideas and of direct relevance to modern laboratory medicine. The accompanying industrial exhibition will provide information and advice on the most up to date equipment, diagnostics, informatics and professional practice.
These are exciting times in the world of laboratory medicine. Therefore, laboratory medicine specialists and the diagnostic industry have a responsibility to work together to convert data into knowledge which can be used to add value to patients health.

I look forward to welcoming you in Paris.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Maurizio Ferrari
IFCC President

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM), it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 21st IFCC-EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EuroMedLab 2015).

This Congress represents one of the most important event in the field of Laboratory Medicine. The Scientific Programme, prepared under the chairmanship of Prof. Philippe Gillery, includes innovative research aspects together with professional interesting items. This will provide an excellent opportunity for Specialists in Laboratory Medicine in Europe and abroad to update their knowledge, meet and share experiences. The Congress will feature an exciting line-up of expert speakers including top practitioners, opinion leaders and researchers from all around the World.

I especially welcome young scientists attending the congress and presenting their research findings. EFLM is glad for having actively contribute to their attendance by allocating 10 bursaries covering participation costs.

I hope that you enjoy the excellent scientific programme and social events as well.

Welcome in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the World, where I wish you to seek inspiration from its unique cultural and historical resources.

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Mauro Panteghini
EFLM President

Dear Colleagues,
The SDB is very enthusiastic about its participation to EuroMedLab-JIB in 2015. This event will put at the forefront the importance of laboratory medicine in a context of ongoing medical progress and care advancement.
However, lab technologies improvement also implies major organisational concerns. Innovation is not only a technological issue; it may be an organisational one. In the aftermath of the French reform that has impacted since 2008 the landscape of medical laboratories, lab professionals have developed performing organisations in their laboratories, based on strict quality control procedures. Rich from their experiences, French professionals intend to compare their organisation to other models of laboratory medicine and are willing to have open discussions about practices throughout Europe.
While transforming their activity towards efficiency, lab specialists have striven to have their discipline recognised by all health actors. Their expertise is to be enhanced and valued and their fundamental role in the clinical decision process for accurate diagnostics or therapeutics or disease monitoring is today indisputable.
Organisation, comparing practices, recognised expertise… all these aspects will be dealt within the three sessions that the SDB has supervised in the congress programme.
We look forward to welcoming you in Paris, meeting, sharing experience and envisioning the future of our profession together.


François Blanchecotte
President of the French Biologists’ Syndicate (SDB, June 2011)
President of the European Affairs Committee of the National Union of Professions (UNAPL, February 2013).
Vice-President of the National Union of Health Professions (UNPS, April 2011).
Vice-President of the National Health Professions Center (CNPS, November 2011).
Delegate General of the Confederation of European biologists (CBE, November 2013).
European Treasurer European Council of the Liberal Professions (Ceplis, September 2014).




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